There are many healing properties to dill. This herb is mostly use to flavor foods, but there are also many medicinal applications for this herb. Dill is native to the Mediterranean, Western Africa, and southern Russia. It has many medicinal applications for digestive upset and insomnia. In Scandinavia, dill is often used for culinary reasons.

Since ancient Roman and Greek times, dill seed and dill weed have been used medicinally. Dill seeds can be chewed to fight against bad breath. Dill leaves are antibacterial, and can help heal wounds and clean the mouth, as well as treat insomnia and upset stomach. Dill is often use these days to treat health issues such as coughs, colds, fever, and loss of appetite.

There have not been many scientific studies on the health benefits and use of deal. One study on animals, though, showed that dill help to reduce cholesterol, and though the results were not significant, a human clinical trial followed shortly after and showed reduced amounts of lipoprotein cholesterol. This same study, however, suggested that triglycerides may be mildly raised with the use of dill. Pregnant women should avoid consuming dill in high quantities since dill seeds have been shown to stimulate menstrual flow.

Dill, nutritionally, is a great source of vitamins and nutrients including manganese, iron, fiber, and calcium.

Fresh is the best way to buy dill since the fragrance and aroma of the fresh leaves provide better results than dry dill. When looking for fresh dill, search for leaves that are feathery and green. Fresh dill should be stored in the refrigerator but will only last a couple of days. Before putting it in the refrigerator, wrap the leaves loosely in a paper towel that is stamp, or put them directly into the container of water. Fresh dill can be frozen in containers that are airtight, or chopped up and mixed with water and ice cube trays. When properly stored, dry dill can last around six months in a glass container. It should be stored in a dark cool place.

Always search for dill that has been grown organically when possible, whether you are buying dried or fresh. Dill is a great herb to grow in your garden and can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is a versatile herb that can add flavor to many dishes.