Many people throughout the United States have started taking spices and herbs in capsule or pill form as medicine that is nature-based has become more popular. This is a great way to get these herbs and spices you dislike the flavor of them yet still want the benefits of taking them as a supplement.

Perhaps you enjoy the flavors of the herbs and spices but simply do not have the opportunity to add them to your diet. If this is the case, you should certainly add the supplements to your daily regimen.

When possible, though, it is best to consume these herbs and spices as additions to your food. Since variety is supposed to be the spice of life, spices and herbs at that variety foundation in your cooking, and can transform your everyday foods into an exciting new culinary adventure.

The best way to figure out the herbs and spices you should use in your food, is to try them on your own. There are some general rules that can help you get started in using herbs and spices in your food, though:

  • Use herbs and spices that are fresh for the best flavor. Growing your own is the best way to have fresh herbs and spices. If you do not have room for a garden, try using your window to grow some pots of herbs. Otherwise, you can often find fresh herbs and spices at your local farmer’s market or natural food store.
  • Oftentimes, dried herbs have flavors that are muted because they lack the essential oils. To bring their flavor back, use your fingers or a mortar and pedestal to crush the dried herbs to release the oils just before cooking them. Another way to release the oils is to sauté them briefly on low heat in all of oil.
  • If you use herbs and spices that have been dried, always store them in a container that can be tightly covered and put them in an area away from moisture, heat, and light. Never put the storage container over a steaming pot to sprinkle in the herbs or spices as this will cause the spices to degrade over time as the steam enters the container. Rather, shake the spices into your hand, far away from the steam, then add it to the dish.
  • Most herbs and spices that are dried and ground will remain good for around six months.

Regardless of how you consume herbs and spices, just make sure that you do. By doing so, you will not only benefit the flavor of your dishes, but also your health.